Welcome to the Apollo Bay and District genealogy website.

This site is dedicated to providing access to genealogical information relating to families with a link to Apollo Bay, Victoria and its surrounding areas; be that through some historic connection or some current family links to the region.

The Apollo Bay and District Historical Society is vitally interested in ensuring that as complete as possible a record of the early pioneers and more recent settlers are recorded to ensure that, as far as possible, knowledge about the way of life of earlier settlers is not lost - indeed  is gathered together to provide an essential record for future generations.

Family trees are a very useful record of links and history - and many people undertake substantial studies to regain otherwise lost information.  If your family has a link with Apollo Bay and / or its surrounding district you are invited to use this web facility to make it available to others who may be investigating their families, and who may also have links with 'the bay'.


If you are just embarking on a study of your family tree there are many software products available which can assist you to order the information you gather.  Some are free, others are available only for a fee.  A (free) database tool which has been used in compiling each of these family trees is the Personal Ancestry File available from www.familysearch.org  

For information on how to upload your files to the website please contact our genealogy webmaster.

There are also many search resources available on the internet - too extensive to list here.  For residents of 'the bay' and surrounds, the Historical society runs workshops to assist you to get started on the road.  For further information please contact our genealogy webmaster.